Thursday, July 10, 2014

Urban Gun Violence Why it is, and what we should do!

With the commotion over urban  gun violence reaching a cresendo I belewive we need to (finally)  examine the issue to get a CORRECT picture of why it is ,and what we should do about it!!! Firstly it must be understood that Urban gun violence is far different than random gun violence and acts of domestic terror. Urban Gun violence is the product of years of cultural and social apathy  by Governmental authorities from the local level to the federal level. For decades now, the only policies and plans that have come from Government to address the Urban theatre have been to contain and control the urban community!( and to those who keep saying that stop and frisk was and is the answer, one problem wont solve another one! stop and frisk is racist plain and simple and it does more harm than good!!) And as long as the containment was viable and effective, no real concern or thought was given the violence! It's not like the 70's and 80's, when violence went out of the urban community to prey upon those outside of the community, the urban community  is now preying on itself and those in authority   are fine with that.  It is that mindset and action which has created the underculture that exists now, a culture of violence and death, a culture that worships the power of the gun!! And the simple fact is that nothing has been done to dispel that power!Violence and death has become a means to a end for far too many, used to advance, succeed, and maintain that success. Gun violence has become a primary tool to be used to make, for many youth ,that primal scream, to remind the world that I am here, and I am somebody!!! But as the damage and destruction grows from this underculture , we are wondering ,from Chi-town to NYC, what do we do? It is my belief that we must engineer a massive culture shift in America's urban theatres,  a shift away from this underculture that has been allowed to take hold! But this will only take place if political courage is had, the courage to stand up and say what has been done TO the urban community, and what needs to be done FOR the urban community!!!! Because simply put, the urban theatre is standing on the edge of a abyss here! We are raising generations steeped in violence against itself, generations who beleive in gun violence as a means to a end, as something that is part and parcel of everyday living!!! A new normal, and if we dont do what needs to be done to dispel that belief and end the culture that has spawned it, then our inner cities will be lost FOREVER!!!! So how do we engineer this cultural shift? As I said it will take political courage, it will take social action, it will take MONEY!!!America, if is is truly committed to ending the scourge of Urban violence must commit to it, and I beleive that a Massive Urban aid package is the way to do it!!! WE can and have rebuilt Nations, Its time we rebuild our urban areas!!!!!!!!! And the foundation of these areas are its people and that is where we must start! Change the culture , change the dynamic, change the thought process, but until we commit to that, commit with courage, action, and resources, we are only delaying the inevitable!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mr. Cuomo returns to washington?(a political analysis)

AS all eyes turn to Gov. Cuomo's re-election bid, ( a virtual shoo -in despite all the nay saying) The speculation about his future is ramping up, and indeed the possiblities are there!!! From a cabinet position to perhaps Vice President, The name Cuomo has to be placed in consideration along with the possibility of Hillary Clinton ascending to the office of President in 2016! Andrew Cuomo, who has proven himself a loyal Clinton solider in the past would be the perfect fit in a Clinton cabinet, perhaps as a Secretary of Labor, but who is to say the washington heights that Gov Cuomo could possibly scale are limited to a cabintet position? If Hillary Clinton decides to run, she will indeed need a running mate, and as Andrew Cuomo continues to enhance his national profile, who is to say that he couldnt make a Clinton short list or a running mate? Andrew Cuomo, from his days of running his fathers administration, has been the ultimate Team player, and when he stepped forward, first in a untimely bid to reclaim his father's seat and legacy in Albany, until his ultimate victory for same  years later   proved that his story had only just begun.And having fully grasped the reins in Albany,doing much of what his father tried and could never do in Albany, we can only wonder if he will repeat the process in Washington DC?! We all know the story of Mario Cuomo and his legendary flirtation with Presidential level politics, but he never left NY , and NY was perhaps better off for it! But Andrew Cuomo is a horse of a different color! And as the run for the presidential roses gets ever closer, It is a veritable certainity that Gov Andrew Cuomo will be a major factor and increment in the presidential contention in 2016!!!!

Friday, May 16, 2014

NYS Political Snippets!!!!!

I know its been far too long, but here are a few snippets about the political realm of NYS.

While the 2014 Session was for the most part in Albany one of Chaos, one point of Order still remained, and that was The leadership and picture of same that was presented By Gov. Cuomo. Nothing of any real substance moved thru the halls of gov.  But that inaction , and ineffectuality, clearly could not be attributed to the Gov.  And as we enter the electorial season, Rob Astorino is going to be VERY hard pressed to deal with the perception of leadership that Gov Cuomo has presented statewide!

Speaking of the NYS republicans, they should be on hands and knees Begging Former Gov. Pataki to take the reins of the statewide party, Its amazing that the most successful republican in Modern NYS history remains largely untapped by a state party that is clearly fading!!!

The Dream Act's passage in NYS is not a IF, but a when!

The NYS casino initiative is a Sucess story that is only waiting to be told.

Urban Gun violence is a frontier issue that must take priority and I wouldnt be surprised if Gov. Cuomo puts it on his short list of things to do in his next term!

That's enough for now!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New York Stories

Was listening to Mayor Deblasio speak about his progressive agenda, and while I agree with almost all of what he is saying, I hope he realizes that the doing is going to be a lot more difficult than the saying!And that in politics ,there must be compromise in order for there to be progress!

As Far as the Horse and Carriage issue goes, while we must protect against animal cruelty, I think that this is part of the traditional ambience of NYC and we need to find a way to preserve THAT above all things in NYC!! Perhaps create a Car free zone for the carriages to operate!?

The Charter School issue is the same everywhere, we cannot continue to operate a two school system under one roof!!! It is redundant!!!!

To the critics allready polling about Mayor Deblasios Job performance, sorry he hasnt been in office long enough for his performance to be polled, lets back away from muck shall we?!!!

While there needs to be a greater focus on the homeless issue in NYC and everywhere else in America, I dont support a major crackdown on panhandlers and performance artists! Focus on keeping the trains and subways clean and safe, no more and no less!!!

And lastly, the affordable housing issue in  NYC and the gentrification issue goes hand in hand, and that is how it needs to be addressed going forward!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Truth about Astorino's chances!!

So Rob Astorino is officially in the NYS race for Gov. Well the truth is that Astorino has as much of a chance of winning the Govs. race as Kim Kardashian has of winning a Oscar! Simply put, those "upstate" votes you are counting on to win sir, are not the cresting wave you would believe, but they are more akin to a swirl in a toliet bowl! Its the Fox News syndrome, the picture and presentaiton being detached from the reality! Simply put Upstaters and Upstate votes are the PROBLEM in NY, not the solution( and believe me I know, Im from Upstate NY) They(upstate) are the biggest obstacles to change and growth in NY, and that is reflected in the state of so many upstate communties!!!Gov Cuomo is a proven leadership commodity, who has crafted and earned much goodwill throught the Democratic state, and it will take far more than the rabble that you hope to galvanize, rabble who stand in the way of progress and economic and social growth for you to win this race! The ONLY chance you would have Mr. Astorino is to run as far away from them as you can, but being the clear political animal you are, I doubt you will, so enjoy the political limelight while you can, because for you the race was over before it even began!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

NYS and Public education

With the current focus on public education in NYS, and with it being lead by the most powerful in the state and it being promoted by the PEOPLE in the state, you would hope that it would come to a positive conclusion! You would think that education would improve in NYS, you would believe that we would get a full and co-operative commitment from the bottom to the top in NYS! Yes, you would wouldn't you, but with the educational debate shaping up more and more as Cuomo Versus  Deblasio, and with the people seemingly more determined than ever to lower the bar for educational guidelines in NYS, standing against such things as the common core, it seems that once again those who are in the business of education in NYS, the Charter School industry, and the teacher unions, will be the only ones benefitting from the focus on education in NYS! If we are to TRULY succeed in changing the direction of education in NYS, giving each and every NY child a fair opportunity for educational success, then we all, from politician to everyday citizen must come to grips with the FACT, that educational success is the PRIORITY, and the GOAL!!! Not politics as usual or Buisness as usual!!! Educational success Via Public education, and the only way we will get there is TOGETHER!!!!!! And clearly, as demonstrated in Albany today, together on the issue is the last thing that we NYERS are!!!!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The 2014 NYSABPAL conferance:the aftermath

AS this weekend in the capitol of NYS, the LARGEST political gathering in the State of NY was held, the annual NYSABPAL( NYS assoc of black, puerto rican and asian legislators) As is custom with the event much news was made! Primary of which was Gov. Cuomos proposal to offer college education for inmates in NYS prison! This idea does indeed get back to the premise that the Gov eleborated, the fact that the Dept of Corrections is supposed to be about that, Corrections, not punishment and torture, not inhumanity, and such measures as the one proposed by the Gov. will lead to that!! So It can be said that The Gov. Put a feather in his re-election cap with that one! Also it was good to see the Gov. and Big Mayor Bill Deblasio sitting together and presenting a image of unity at the conferance! 2014 is a important election year, and, if NYC and NYS are to advance their interests together, then the leaders of same must find a way to stand together! And I hope that this public appearance is a indication of their understanding!!! And while I fully subscribe to Mayor Deblasio wanting to having the right to raise city taxes as he sees fit, it can and should be done without political rancor, because lets be frank there is a lot more than Universal pre-k that new revenue like that can be put towards!!! This weekend in Albany showed a base primed and ready for 2014, and it showed leadership primed and ready as well, so lets keep the eyes on the prize NY!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

A blast from the Political past!!!

Cant say that I wasnt one of the first to tell you so! Check this out from NY Politics 2012
                     " NYS capitol region and a gaze into Cuomos political future"
NYS's capitol region, where diversity is and allways has been sorely lacking! Where the "good old boy" network is a accepted way of life, but perhaps the times are a changing!!! With 3, count em, three assembly seats opening up, the chance for HISTORY to be made is looming!!! I wonder how capitol region democrats and republicans feel about that! Simply put, it would be a major insult if one of the three seats that are opening up isnt filled by a woman or a person of color! Let's hope the capitol regions powers that be can step into the 21st century!!! They should be actively seeking and promoting candidates for these seats who are women or persons of color!!!

Now a look into the future, and what I see should be a caution for the Cuomo express. Because while he is making great progress and significanct gains, he is also making powerful political adversaries! And that may lead to a tough re-election bid, a relelection that will be crucial to any national hopes he may have!
His stances against the public workers, the teachers, and now his own senators may, and I say may come back to haunt him come re-election time!Right now the Cuomo express is just that,a unstoppable juggernaut,but in the game of thrones, slights are allways remembered at the right political time! So rather than possibly having to get over such speed bumps, I am of the hope that Gov Cuomo, can use his ever growning political capitol to, in the very near future.smooth things over with these forces!! because a King rises by his alliances, and falls due to his adversaries"

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4/13/12 1:27 PM

Need I say more?

Friday, January 24, 2014


The 2014 NYS budget, as presented by Gov Cuomo on tues, was clearly a election year budget ,filled with things enabled by the Gov accomplishments and agenda's, which he rightly lauded(since this is a election year) but it is a budget to be well considered, since it is a continhuance in the Cuomo administrations attempts to apply fiscal disclipne and leadership to the State of NYS, something that this state has NEVER been known for Capping spending, and taxing, while incentivizing performance, Sounds good to me!!! But we'll see just how much of a struggle is waged against it(since this is, after all , a election year!)

Now a word about education and the Common Core. Firstly, Commisioner John King is to be commended for standing in the hurricane winds of educational reform in NYS. It is due to the fire that came with trying to promote needed reform amongst those who are about and want to maintain a failed status quo  that he had to face the Senate the other day. Because of course noone on capitol hill wants to, again in a election year, feel the heat so to speak! But the problem with the common core issue is this: If not now when, and if not Kings way then, whose? The problem we  have with education in both NYS and the nation is that its like a smogosboard, filled with delectable treats but nothing on the table is of, or meets nutritional values!!! And when someone finally steps up and insists that America, or for this matter NYS eats its vegetables, you get this response!!!! We have a obese and unfit educational system in NYS and America, and the only way we are going to slim it down and get it fit is thru programs like the Common Core!!! But such programs wont be had if Politicans give in to the whining and whims of spoiled parents and frightened teachers who simply are resistant to change!!!! So I applaud Commision King for trying to stand in there and create the change that is needed, and I hope he can find political allies somewhere on Albanys capitol hill, to show some backbone and stand with him in this fight for our educational survival!!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Pre Budget Presentation analysis

As GOv Cuomo II prepares to present his 4th budget and it being a re-election year for the Gov, you can look for the 2014 Budget to have a little added sugar and a little added  spice! We have allready been given a preview of the Tax cutting agenda that will be a part of this budget, but tomorrow I think the public will finally be privvy to something that i believe the Gov has been working on for a very long time as it pertains to the budget, something do do with unemployment and jobs, and I believe that he will spring it on the public tomorrow in his budget presentation! I also look for something major to be put forward to continue with the educational theme he outllined in the State of the State address! Tomorrow will be a very special day budgetwise in the state of NYS( and yes you heard it here first) so I hope NYS is ready!! ( you can join me back here on thursday with a post Budget presentation analysis!)

Monday, January 13, 2014

State of the State Post analysis(And a word about the SAFE ACT)

Before I review the Gov. of NY's latest State of the State address, Id like to say a few words about the 1 year anniversary of the Safe act and how they chose to memeorialize it! One of the most disheartening and ignorant things I have ever seen in America is the response that came with the killing of Innocent children in Newtown !!! Bad enough that in response to this tragedy and simply for politics sake there was a run on gun sales in America, and ignorant rabble rousing, but to stand and memorialize such a heinous act and issue in america by firing shots? Are you so blinded by hatred and ignorance that you cannot see? This act made  me sad to be a NYer!!!

Now that said----!!!

Gov Andrew Cuomos 4th State of the State address while a little too "facebooky" with all the imagery and such, had many valid points, points that got lost in said imagery! For instance the fact that he has had 3 on time budgets in his tenure, no mean feat , given the history of that in this state, and the fact that he has creaed a Budget surplus, something that is definately to be commended in NYS and that the Gov needs to be commended for! There has indeed been much success in NY under the Cuomo administration and in the last year, but all of the things he could  have and should have been lauded for, got lost in the instagramic nature of the presentation!! Not only did the people miss the points made, but they missed out on a great colse in this speech all due to the relentless imagery which was a little too relentless! But Facebookiness aside, this state of the state address was a good entry into a pivitoal legislative session, both for Gov Cuomo and for the State of NY, so let the games begin!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

State of the State Preview

Having sufficiently warmed up the state (figuratively speaking that is, its cold as hell out here in NY)with his announcements of Tax initiatives and infrastructure reforms, Gov Andrew Cuomo prepares to give a state of the state speech that, for the NYS republicans, could put the Kibosh on their Gubernatorial hopes before they even embark upon them. Clearly Cuomo is prepared to present a populist vision, riding the wave that is still cresting due to the election of Bill Deblasio in NYC, but a populist vision tinged with political and economic reality! Andrew Cuomo, while not the soaring orator his father was ,possesses the ability to convey succint issues and opinions to the public in a intelligent manner without losing their interest! And it is THAT, more than anything, that confounds his enemies politically, those who try to paint him as king cuomo and emperor andrew! Tomorrows message as delivered by Andrew Cuomo will be one of goals met and successes had, and it will be one of priorities set, and horizons yet to be achieved. It will be a message of truths that some wont want to hear, and of facts and cautioning that many wont want to heed. But whatever the case, it will be a message of LEADERSHIP from a man who has clearly established himself as THE leader of the State of NY,Gov Andrew Cuomo! Please come back to this blog on Thursday for you post State of the State Analysis!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Re-election 2014 Cuomos strength!

 AS 2014 ramps up politically with the Annual State of the State address in Albany on Jan 8, Gov. Cuomos power and strength will be on full display for anyone on the republican side who is considering running against him. Because while Cuomo may lack the blatant abrasiveness of a Chris Christie, he still has that Tri state area swagger!A swagger that usually emerges during the State of the State! And just as that swagger endears Chris Christie to much of the electorate, it is that swagger that, more than anything else will Carry Gov. Cuomo to a very likely re-election in 2014!!! Andrew Cuomo, like his father before him( and let's be frank here, Mario Cuomo put the patent on the swagger that Both Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie are now  marketing) brought the borough swagger and sensibility to the Gov. pulpit, and that enabled them to bring the issues, and Governing, to the people in the way they wanted and in a way they understand , ON THEIR LEVEL!!! No "Society Carey" here! It is that kind of rapport with THE PEOPLE that the republicans have fruitlessly tried to engineer nationwide, and that so many of todays politicans would kill for IE: Bloomberg! So while the republicans continue to seek ,among the rabble, and with their rabble rousing, the path back to power, Andrew Cuomo is about to show and display on weds what gets you there, and more importantly, what keeps you there!!!!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Welcome to NYPolitics2014!!!!!!

Hello and welcome one and all to NY politics 2014! THE no.1 source for analysis, and stellar opinion on the upcoming year in NY politics!!! Here where you will come for insight on all politics in NYS in the year 2014! so welcome and here we go!

As 2014 begins in NYS, we will find it to be a very interesting year politically. For with Bill deBlasio  leading off with his upset victory in NYC, The premer race on deck now, The Govenors race ,has a hard act to follow! The speculation about Gov Cuomo running for President has died down, and for his re-election effort that is a good thing, because there is enough out there allready that the republicans can and will make hay with on the campaign trail! That aside, the main question for the republicans is, who can they run against Cuomo? There is no braintrust like the old Powers/D'amato days which lead to the rise of George Pataki, a giant slayer if ever there was one in republican politics, so whatever faults or issues Cuomo may have on the campaign trail, the republicans clearly are in no position to capitalize upon them! So, given tha,t the only rival that Cuomo must truly contend with is the Voters of NYS.
And In this election, I believe Cuomo must take GREAT care on that score, because coming out of this winter in NYS, it will take but a few simple Cuomo missteps on the campaign trail for the natives, those natives being the NYS voters, to become VERY restless!!!