Monday, January 13, 2014

State of the State Post analysis(And a word about the SAFE ACT)

Before I review the Gov. of NY's latest State of the State address, Id like to say a few words about the 1 year anniversary of the Safe act and how they chose to memeorialize it! One of the most disheartening and ignorant things I have ever seen in America is the response that came with the killing of Innocent children in Newtown !!! Bad enough that in response to this tragedy and simply for politics sake there was a run on gun sales in America, and ignorant rabble rousing, but to stand and memorialize such a heinous act and issue in america by firing shots? Are you so blinded by hatred and ignorance that you cannot see? This act made  me sad to be a NYer!!!

Now that said----!!!

Gov Andrew Cuomos 4th State of the State address while a little too "facebooky" with all the imagery and such, had many valid points, points that got lost in said imagery! For instance the fact that he has had 3 on time budgets in his tenure, no mean feat , given the history of that in this state, and the fact that he has creaed a Budget surplus, something that is definately to be commended in NYS and that the Gov needs to be commended for! There has indeed been much success in NY under the Cuomo administration and in the last year, but all of the things he could  have and should have been lauded for, got lost in the instagramic nature of the presentation!! Not only did the people miss the points made, but they missed out on a great colse in this speech all due to the relentless imagery which was a little too relentless! But Facebookiness aside, this state of the state address was a good entry into a pivitoal legislative session, both for Gov Cuomo and for the State of NY, so let the games begin!!!!!!

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