Thursday, January 30, 2014

A blast from the Political past!!!

Cant say that I wasnt one of the first to tell you so! Check this out from NY Politics 2012
                     " NYS capitol region and a gaze into Cuomos political future"
NYS's capitol region, where diversity is and allways has been sorely lacking! Where the "good old boy" network is a accepted way of life, but perhaps the times are a changing!!! With 3, count em, three assembly seats opening up, the chance for HISTORY to be made is looming!!! I wonder how capitol region democrats and republicans feel about that! Simply put, it would be a major insult if one of the three seats that are opening up isnt filled by a woman or a person of color! Let's hope the capitol regions powers that be can step into the 21st century!!! They should be actively seeking and promoting candidates for these seats who are women or persons of color!!!

Now a look into the future, and what I see should be a caution for the Cuomo express. Because while he is making great progress and significanct gains, he is also making powerful political adversaries! And that may lead to a tough re-election bid, a relelection that will be crucial to any national hopes he may have!
His stances against the public workers, the teachers, and now his own senators may, and I say may come back to haunt him come re-election time!Right now the Cuomo express is just that,a unstoppable juggernaut,but in the game of thrones, slights are allways remembered at the right political time! So rather than possibly having to get over such speed bumps, I am of the hope that Gov Cuomo, can use his ever growning political capitol to, in the very near future.smooth things over with these forces!! because a King rises by his alliances, and falls due to his adversaries"

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4/13/12 1:27 PM

Need I say more?

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