Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New York Stories

Was listening to Mayor Deblasio speak about his progressive agenda, and while I agree with almost all of what he is saying, I hope he realizes that the doing is going to be a lot more difficult than the saying!And that in politics ,there must be compromise in order for there to be progress!

As Far as the Horse and Carriage issue goes, while we must protect against animal cruelty, I think that this is part of the traditional ambience of NYC and we need to find a way to preserve THAT above all things in NYC!! Perhaps create a Car free zone for the carriages to operate!?

The Charter School issue is the same everywhere, we cannot continue to operate a two school system under one roof!!! It is redundant!!!!

To the critics allready polling about Mayor Deblasios Job performance, sorry he hasnt been in office long enough for his performance to be polled, lets back away from muck shall we?!!!

While there needs to be a greater focus on the homeless issue in NYC and everywhere else in America, I dont support a major crackdown on panhandlers and performance artists! Focus on keeping the trains and subways clean and safe, no more and no less!!!

And lastly, the affordable housing issue in  NYC and the gentrification issue goes hand in hand, and that is how it needs to be addressed going forward!!!

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