Tuesday, January 7, 2014

State of the State Preview

Having sufficiently warmed up the state (figuratively speaking that is, its cold as hell out here in NY)with his announcements of Tax initiatives and infrastructure reforms, Gov Andrew Cuomo prepares to give a state of the state speech that, for the NYS republicans, could put the Kibosh on their Gubernatorial hopes before they even embark upon them. Clearly Cuomo is prepared to present a populist vision, riding the wave that is still cresting due to the election of Bill Deblasio in NYC, but a populist vision tinged with political and economic reality! Andrew Cuomo, while not the soaring orator his father was ,possesses the ability to convey succint issues and opinions to the public in a intelligent manner without losing their interest! And it is THAT, more than anything, that confounds his enemies politically, those who try to paint him as king cuomo and emperor andrew! Tomorrows message as delivered by Andrew Cuomo will be one of goals met and successes had, and it will be one of priorities set, and horizons yet to be achieved. It will be a message of truths that some wont want to hear, and of facts and cautioning that many wont want to heed. But whatever the case, it will be a message of LEADERSHIP from a man who has clearly established himself as THE leader of the State of NY,Gov Andrew Cuomo! Please come back to this blog on Thursday for you post State of the State Analysis!

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