Monday, January 20, 2014

Pre Budget Presentation analysis

As GOv Cuomo II prepares to present his 4th budget and it being a re-election year for the Gov, you can look for the 2014 Budget to have a little added sugar and a little added  spice! We have allready been given a preview of the Tax cutting agenda that will be a part of this budget, but tomorrow I think the public will finally be privvy to something that i believe the Gov has been working on for a very long time as it pertains to the budget, something do do with unemployment and jobs, and I believe that he will spring it on the public tomorrow in his budget presentation! I also look for something major to be put forward to continue with the educational theme he outllined in the State of the State address! Tomorrow will be a very special day budgetwise in the state of NYS( and yes you heard it here first) so I hope NYS is ready!! ( you can join me back here on thursday with a post Budget presentation analysis!)

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