Friday, January 3, 2014

Welcome to NYPolitics2014!!!!!!

Hello and welcome one and all to NY politics 2014! THE no.1 source for analysis, and stellar opinion on the upcoming year in NY politics!!! Here where you will come for insight on all politics in NYS in the year 2014! so welcome and here we go!

As 2014 begins in NYS, we will find it to be a very interesting year politically. For with Bill deBlasio  leading off with his upset victory in NYC, The premer race on deck now, The Govenors race ,has a hard act to follow! The speculation about Gov Cuomo running for President has died down, and for his re-election effort that is a good thing, because there is enough out there allready that the republicans can and will make hay with on the campaign trail! That aside, the main question for the republicans is, who can they run against Cuomo? There is no braintrust like the old Powers/D'amato days which lead to the rise of George Pataki, a giant slayer if ever there was one in republican politics, so whatever faults or issues Cuomo may have on the campaign trail, the republicans clearly are in no position to capitalize upon them! So, given tha,t the only rival that Cuomo must truly contend with is the Voters of NYS.
And In this election, I believe Cuomo must take GREAT care on that score, because coming out of this winter in NYS, it will take but a few simple Cuomo missteps on the campaign trail for the natives, those natives being the NYS voters, to become VERY restless!!!

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