Friday, January 24, 2014


The 2014 NYS budget, as presented by Gov Cuomo on tues, was clearly a election year budget ,filled with things enabled by the Gov accomplishments and agenda's, which he rightly lauded(since this is a election year) but it is a budget to be well considered, since it is a continhuance in the Cuomo administrations attempts to apply fiscal disclipne and leadership to the State of NYS, something that this state has NEVER been known for Capping spending, and taxing, while incentivizing performance, Sounds good to me!!! But we'll see just how much of a struggle is waged against it(since this is, after all , a election year!)

Now a word about education and the Common Core. Firstly, Commisioner John King is to be commended for standing in the hurricane winds of educational reform in NYS. It is due to the fire that came with trying to promote needed reform amongst those who are about and want to maintain a failed status quo  that he had to face the Senate the other day. Because of course noone on capitol hill wants to, again in a election year, feel the heat so to speak! But the problem with the common core issue is this: If not now when, and if not Kings way then, whose? The problem we  have with education in both NYS and the nation is that its like a smogosboard, filled with delectable treats but nothing on the table is of, or meets nutritional values!!! And when someone finally steps up and insists that America, or for this matter NYS eats its vegetables, you get this response!!!! We have a obese and unfit educational system in NYS and America, and the only way we are going to slim it down and get it fit is thru programs like the Common Core!!! But such programs wont be had if Politicans give in to the whining and whims of spoiled parents and frightened teachers who simply are resistant to change!!!! So I applaud Commision King for trying to stand in there and create the change that is needed, and I hope he can find political allies somewhere on Albanys capitol hill, to show some backbone and stand with him in this fight for our educational survival!!!

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