Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Truth about Astorino's chances!!

So Rob Astorino is officially in the NYS race for Gov. Well the truth is that Astorino has as much of a chance of winning the Govs. race as Kim Kardashian has of winning a Oscar! Simply put, those "upstate" votes you are counting on to win sir, are not the cresting wave you would believe, but they are more akin to a swirl in a toliet bowl! Its the Fox News syndrome, the picture and presentaiton being detached from the reality! Simply put Upstaters and Upstate votes are the PROBLEM in NY, not the solution( and believe me I know, Im from Upstate NY) They(upstate) are the biggest obstacles to change and growth in NY, and that is reflected in the state of so many upstate communties!!!Gov Cuomo is a proven leadership commodity, who has crafted and earned much goodwill throught the Democratic state, and it will take far more than the rabble that you hope to galvanize, rabble who stand in the way of progress and economic and social growth for you to win this race! The ONLY chance you would have Mr. Astorino is to run as far away from them as you can, but being the clear political animal you are, I doubt you will, so enjoy the political limelight while you can, because for you the race was over before it even began!!!

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