Friday, May 16, 2014

NYS Political Snippets!!!!!

I know its been far too long, but here are a few snippets about the political realm of NYS.

While the 2014 Session was for the most part in Albany one of Chaos, one point of Order still remained, and that was The leadership and picture of same that was presented By Gov. Cuomo. Nothing of any real substance moved thru the halls of gov.  But that inaction , and ineffectuality, clearly could not be attributed to the Gov.  And as we enter the electorial season, Rob Astorino is going to be VERY hard pressed to deal with the perception of leadership that Gov Cuomo has presented statewide!

Speaking of the NYS republicans, they should be on hands and knees Begging Former Gov. Pataki to take the reins of the statewide party, Its amazing that the most successful republican in Modern NYS history remains largely untapped by a state party that is clearly fading!!!

The Dream Act's passage in NYS is not a IF, but a when!

The NYS casino initiative is a Sucess story that is only waiting to be told.

Urban Gun violence is a frontier issue that must take priority and I wouldnt be surprised if Gov. Cuomo puts it on his short list of things to do in his next term!

That's enough for now!!!

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