Tuesday, March 4, 2014

NYS and Public education

With the current focus on public education in NYS, and with it being lead by the most powerful in the state and it being promoted by the PEOPLE in the state, you would hope that it would come to a positive conclusion! You would think that education would improve in NYS, you would believe that we would get a full and co-operative commitment from the bottom to the top in NYS! Yes, you would wouldn't you, but with the educational debate shaping up more and more as Cuomo Versus  Deblasio, and with the people seemingly more determined than ever to lower the bar for educational guidelines in NYS, standing against such things as the common core, it seems that once again those who are in the business of education in NYS, the Charter School industry, and the teacher unions, will be the only ones benefitting from the focus on education in NYS! If we are to TRULY succeed in changing the direction of education in NYS, giving each and every NY child a fair opportunity for educational success, then we all, from politician to everyday citizen must come to grips with the FACT, that educational success is the PRIORITY, and the GOAL!!! Not politics as usual or Buisness as usual!!! Educational success Via Public education, and the only way we will get there is TOGETHER!!!!!! And clearly, as demonstrated in Albany today, together on the issue is the last thing that we NYERS are!!!!!

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