Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The 2014 NYSABPAL conferance:the aftermath

AS this weekend in the capitol of NYS, the LARGEST political gathering in the State of NY was held, the annual NYSABPAL( NYS assoc of black, puerto rican and asian legislators) As is custom with the event much news was made! Primary of which was Gov. Cuomos proposal to offer college education for inmates in NYS prison! This idea does indeed get back to the premise that the Gov eleborated, the fact that the Dept of Corrections is supposed to be about that, Corrections, not punishment and torture, not inhumanity, and such measures as the one proposed by the Gov. will lead to that!! So It can be said that The Gov. Put a feather in his re-election cap with that one! Also it was good to see the Gov. and Big Mayor Bill Deblasio sitting together and presenting a image of unity at the conferance! 2014 is a important election year, and, if NYC and NYS are to advance their interests together, then the leaders of same must find a way to stand together! And I hope that this public appearance is a indication of their understanding!!! And while I fully subscribe to Mayor Deblasio wanting to having the right to raise city taxes as he sees fit, it can and should be done without political rancor, because lets be frank there is a lot more than Universal pre-k that new revenue like that can be put towards!!! This weekend in Albany showed a base primed and ready for 2014, and it showed leadership primed and ready as well, so lets keep the eyes on the prize NY!!!!!!!!

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