Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mr. Cuomo returns to washington?(a political analysis)

AS all eyes turn to Gov. Cuomo's re-election bid, ( a virtual shoo -in despite all the nay saying) The speculation about his future is ramping up, and indeed the possiblities are there!!! From a cabinet position to perhaps Vice President, The name Cuomo has to be placed in consideration along with the possibility of Hillary Clinton ascending to the office of President in 2016! Andrew Cuomo, who has proven himself a loyal Clinton solider in the past would be the perfect fit in a Clinton cabinet, perhaps as a Secretary of Labor, but who is to say the washington heights that Gov Cuomo could possibly scale are limited to a cabintet position? If Hillary Clinton decides to run, she will indeed need a running mate, and as Andrew Cuomo continues to enhance his national profile, who is to say that he couldnt make a Clinton short list or a running mate? Andrew Cuomo, from his days of running his fathers administration, has been the ultimate Team player, and when he stepped forward, first in a untimely bid to reclaim his father's seat and legacy in Albany, until his ultimate victory for same  years later   proved that his story had only just begun.And having fully grasped the reins in Albany,doing much of what his father tried and could never do in Albany, we can only wonder if he will repeat the process in Washington DC?! We all know the story of Mario Cuomo and his legendary flirtation with Presidential level politics, but he never left NY , and NY was perhaps better off for it! But Andrew Cuomo is a horse of a different color! And as the run for the presidential roses gets ever closer, It is a veritable certainity that Gov Andrew Cuomo will be a major factor and increment in the presidential contention in 2016!!!!

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