Sunday, January 5, 2014

Re-election 2014 Cuomos strength!

 AS 2014 ramps up politically with the Annual State of the State address in Albany on Jan 8, Gov. Cuomos power and strength will be on full display for anyone on the republican side who is considering running against him. Because while Cuomo may lack the blatant abrasiveness of a Chris Christie, he still has that Tri state area swagger!A swagger that usually emerges during the State of the State! And just as that swagger endears Chris Christie to much of the electorate, it is that swagger that, more than anything else will Carry Gov. Cuomo to a very likely re-election in 2014!!! Andrew Cuomo, like his father before him( and let's be frank here, Mario Cuomo put the patent on the swagger that Both Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie are now  marketing) brought the borough swagger and sensibility to the Gov. pulpit, and that enabled them to bring the issues, and Governing, to the people in the way they wanted and in a way they understand , ON THEIR LEVEL!!! No "Society Carey" here! It is that kind of rapport with THE PEOPLE that the republicans have fruitlessly tried to engineer nationwide, and that so many of todays politicans would kill for IE: Bloomberg! So while the republicans continue to seek ,among the rabble, and with their rabble rousing, the path back to power, Andrew Cuomo is about to show and display on weds what gets you there, and more importantly, what keeps you there!!!!

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